Laura Kreivyte
Dalia Jovaisiene


Dmitrij Matvejev


Vilius Vilutis


Virginijus Bagdzevicius


Actress - Rasa Samuolytė
Balley dancer - Birutė Mar
Singer - Dainius Gavenonis
Conductor - Aleksandras Simelis


2006 February 25

Birutė Mar


Director Birutė Mar

Duration 1 h.

Idea of “Make-up” opera emerged already in 2004. It is based on texts from popular women magazines. The texts perceived peculiar dramaturgy by poet and actress Birut? Mar. Music mounting for the “confession” was provided by choirmaster Antanas Kucinskas, who is also a conductor. Beside him and Birut? Mar two more voices are present in the performance: Rasa Samuolyt? and Dainius Gavenonis. In the background spectator can observe photographies of various personages. These are the same characters of the opera. Just their faces are unrecognizably, funny or regrettably made-up; they portray processes of age and character changes. As the time passes by, certain plot takes shape, but most important in the opera is probably the harmony between visual life make material and sound accompaniment. The actors are just juggling their faces and voices. The first and so far the only time sketch of the performance was staged at contemporary music festival GAIDA on 28th of October 2004 in Vilnius, under supervision of theatre director Oskaras Korsunovas. Duration: about 70 minutes.
Three actors (two women and a man), who perform on stage, tell fragments from different periods of their lives as if they were interviewed by journalists or in front of TV camera. With every new scene their appearance changes (dress style, haircut or make up) along with their attitudes and mood. It looks as if they were different (and more aged) people. Their voice timbre, rhythm and tone changes as well. All the time they play different characters. These fragments of lives goes in parallel with “make-up lessons” that are sang by the characters. The last episode – “Removal of make-up” is some kind of musical and existential code where everyone remains without a make-up.