Andželika Cholina


Jolanta Vymerytė


Airida Gintautaitė
Jurgita Dronina
Dalia Michelevičiūtė
Rasa Samuolytė
Džiugas Siaurusaitis
Students of the Vilnius Ballet School


1999 November 24

Contemporary dance performance set to the music of Vivaldi and Camille Saint-Saens


Director Andželika Cholina

Duration 1 h. 10 min.

Anzelika Cholina: It is a theme to which I could return again and again – it’s a kind of discharge of pent-up “crazy” emotions.
I think this performance does not claim any long-lasting value – it addresses this day, the spectator and mood of our time…
“Crazy Girls’ Dances” is a major dance performance, in which cheerful and melancholic intonations intertwine, and through comical grimaces the drama of man’s and theatre’s fate is revealed. The performance does not aim at insistently emphasizing this drama – its plot line is simple, and the exposition, development and climax are easily predictable. In Cholina’s performance this banal story does not turn into banal thanks to its inventive composition, laconic and suggestive visual solution, and the engrossing dynamics of action.”
Helmutas Sabasevicius. Crazy Dances by Anzelika Cholina // Literatura ir menas, 04-12-1999

“<…> As a ballet professional I was thinking about Cholina’s talent to create a professionally complete performance with dramatic actors and actor-dancers – second-year students of the Lithuanian Music Academy and students of the Vilnius Ballet School having few stage skills.”
Aliodija Ruzgaite. Cholina’s Wild Girls // 7 meno dienos, 10-12-1999