Set designer

Marijus Jacovskis


Giedrius Puskunigis


Algirdas Dainavičius
Arvydas Dapšys
Rytis Saladžius
Saulius Mykolaitis
Juratė Vilūnaitė


2005 February 20

Evgene Grishkovets


Director Saulius Mykolaitis, Oskaras Koršunovas

Duration 1 h. 45 min.

Director Saulius Mykolaitis:

All characters are our peers, our contemporaries. The main character is like me – trying to perceive the things that concern him. I keep to the from of a diary, I would say, the genre of a stage diary. This is where that allure comes from; a spectator will have to read its secret. Inevitably, the diary will also contain my personal things, however, the most important is the mystique of the allure itself. This is what I call a performance.
One of the major ideas in our performance is that we live “here and now”, there is never “after that”. I’m trying to purify from postponements myself, I’m trying to confess and apologise… The author of the play does not indicate the occupation of a protagonist, however, we may assume that he is an artist. We can trace his features in inability to organise real life, constant stay in the world of ideas and in some bright pseudo future. My character is not at all heroic; he speaks ordinary and open language of a diary. I suppose, this is the only way it should be: it is our spiritual and material destitute that is topical in contemporary drama.