Set designer

Ingrida Didikaitė


Linas Rimša


SILVIA - Neringa Bulotaitė
SIMONe - Jolanta Dapkūnaitė


2000 February 3

Lusjen Lambert


Director Ramunė Kudzmanaitė

Duration 1 h.

Director Ramune Kudzmanaite: Actor is one of the most mysterious and romantic professions, revealing itself for the audience by its most appealing qualities. The life of theatre stars seems to be full of passions, racket and joy. However, stars are few, while for too many actors this profession brings disappointment, humiliation and endless waiting. To create a role for an actor is a physically and morally exhausting task that is not always crowned with success, not often receives due esteem and always involves anticipation and doubt. “Charlottes” by Lucien Lambert is a play about two actresses who are still waiting for their Role. This performance blends reality and acting, texts from the play and real life, real and inner experience of the characters.


“In their creative career both Bulotaitė and Dapkūnaitė have had more than one leading role. In “Charlottes” both actresses sparkle with artistry. Interestingly enough, even for their colleagues it takes a long time to recognize them. They both have liberated themselves from archetypal clichés of acting, but still succeed in opening their actresses’ souls for the audience in a recognizable way. As they offer themselves for an imaginable director, the actresses make use of a wide range of colours of the art of acting: rich intonations, mimics, gestures, dance, disguise, costumes, make-up, wigs, glasses, shoes… And what is most important – the ability of transformation. Constant metamorphoses are taking place. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep track of all this theatre in theatre, an actress in an actress… Limits become blurred.”
Daiva Sabaseviciene. The Second Premiere of “Charlottes” // Literatura ir menas, 28-01-2000

“In “Charlottes” directed by Ramunė Kudzmanaitė a filter between the audience and the stage is created not because the latter wishes to gain favour with the former at any cost, but because it is an inseparable part of life of the characters themselves. It is both a business card and a cross of these women, which they will have to bear all their life, through all theatres, tryout rooms, lonely bedrooms and beds, “Cesar” ceremonies, while having coffee with their lover’s wife and working it out.
“Charlottes” is a comedy with a lining: the fact itself that it deals with two mediocre actresses and their efforts to force their way in the world of directors and producers fed up with bodies and talent, already creates a double and somewhat embarrassing effect of perception.”
Indre Daunytė. A Comedy with a Lining: Actresses’ Masks and Exposing Oneself // Lietuvos rytas, 08-02-2000