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Why Hamlet is supposed to play victim today?


Theatre director Oskaras Koršunovas is interested in signs of times of different periods and in conflicts between generations as public phenomena. By presenting them the director does not just interprets the play but also tries to expand field of its meanings. Performance “Playing the victim” is no exception in this respect. In the play, O. Koršunovas treats parody of Hamlet’s collision with all seriousness. All what happens in the play is portrayed as if they are seen by “eyes of soul” of the Will, and he himself, after facing stupidity of the life that surrounds him, turns into victim. The Will, by actor Darius Gumauskas, likewise Hamlet, exists in worlds of both imagination and reality. The latter can hardly even be called real world. It is some kind of panoptical where people are replaced by their acting images.