Rima Bočiulytė / Klaipėda

The Excellent Love Story Has Been Covered With Flour


The aesthetics of the performance associates with the films of Vitorio de Sika. It’s also full of Italian spirit of neorealism. The wars of flour and dough, the humour balancing on the verge of obscenity, social relations, the costumes in the style of fifties created by the artist Jolanta Rimkute – it all reminds of the neorealism and classic of Italian cinema. The musical background mixed by the composer Antanas Jasenka more emphasises the structure of the performance’s action and the allusions of the past and present; it gracefully lifts the romantic layer of this story and “makes the sound recording” of the scenery in a way, again, typical of cinematography.
The performance amazes with the juggling of mass scenes and white colour. Flour is both the dust of time and ashes… And again the earth comes together with the sky, everyday life mergers with existence, death with eternity. Everything goes round the cauldron of flour, which is something like the axis of life, the bowl of soul, the hope promising Grail, the key of time, the beginning and the end.