Vlada Kalpokaitė / Literatūra ir menas

Further on just silence and songs of a dozen ghosts


Ghosts are just swarming around. They are not waiting for their time and are not willing to listen to cock-crow that dissolves the invisible world. The ghosts are freely plunging among nicely set parallels and inversions, enacted imitations and imitated enactments, and among echoing of motives. They perfectly pretend living ones, appears, play, play to act, and play to act to play…
Literary, cultural, anecdotic, theatric, journalese, criminal, political, geopolitical, opera, and animation ghosts leave no illusion that there might be a world free of them.
Oskaras Koršunovas‘ performance according to the play by brothers Vladimir and Oleg Presniakov “Playing the victim” is of rare meaningfulness and strangely combines freedom of a game with numerous schemes of structural vectors. Those who enjoy graphs and diagrams might draw entire performance if only they could grasp who is whose counterpoint, what follows after what, and what level of irony could be indicated, and what stereotype, icon or logotype are subject to the sharpest dagger that pierces through or springs back.