GUENTHER HENNECKE / Koelnische Runschau

Even a temple shakes


“Oedipus Rex” from Lithuania

Duisburgh. […] After the last World Cup it became clear how different might the halves be. Thus, all those who clear off during the interval loose the grandiose apogee. This “Oedipus” is the ornament to the festival. The toys here become symbols, the play turns into the tragedy and the actors get accustomed to their roles.
This is way the percussionist beats time, the bribing direction of lighting sets the contours for the play submerged in the twilight and gives a special scenic solution for the artistry of the chorus. […]With the simplest means does Korsunovas succeed in showing the images. The scheme of cardboard temple starts swaying: it’s only one scene on the way to the evening’s culmination. At the end Oedipus is thrown out of the seesaw which is spinning more and more intensely: the hurricane of truth knocks him out of the orbit.