Jean-Pierre Léonardin / L’Humanité

Devilish Appetite at the Theatre’s Table


“Distinct and inspired acting without any decorative “props” dominates unconditionally, and the space is perfectly adapted for it – there are as many signs as is needed to convey the time of the story told, the spirit of the 20’s. When at the beginning you see a flag-like purple tablecloth laid on the table, covering the actors who will soon let the pages of the novel travel from hand to hand – you think for yourself that this immediately obvious talent, this virtuosity will hinder the development of the theatrical narration. However, as soon as the theatre grinding machine starts turning, this impression dissipates and the action moves on, floated by voices and gestures, which not for a single moment deviate from elegance and good taste. It is evident how valuable for us this young man is, who sees theatre as an inflammatory action requiring the highest physical and mental devotion, having discarded the outdated psychological sphere. And it is so rare that we are eager to be the first to stress it.”
Jean-Pierre Léonardini. Devilish Appetite at the Theatre’s Table // L’Humanité, 21-07-2000