Elisiv Hauge Nilsen

A Clenched Fist. Revived Classic that Leaves a Trace


Do you wish to experience theatre that doesn‘t take well-trodden paths? In that case, you should see a touring play at Rogaland Theatre. (…)
In the dashing rendition by the Lithuanian director Oskaras Koršunovas, performed by the company of his actors, who obviously believe in the material of the play, the drama becomes universal.
To be more precise, when dissociated from a certain time period it becomes an ever-relevant story of guilt and betrayal, relations between mother and son, power struggle, responsibility and friendship. (…)
However, Koršunovas has a few deliberately selected means of effect, which he uses throughout the show. The director gradually engages us in the story. He gives us a theatre, which isn’t comprehended automatically, and makes the audience wonder.
The actors provide an extremely powerful and convincing rendition of Koršunovas’ vision of Hamlet. (…)


Elisiv Hauge Nilsen, A Clenched Fist. Revived Classic that Leaves a Trace. Haugesunds Avis, 2008 09 11