A letter from Polish viewer after the performance of “Miranda” in Poznan

2012 February 20

Dear director, actors, people involved,

I would like to express my gratitude. Yesterday I saw MIRANDA in the New Theater in Poznan and I am deeply touched by the mastery of the actors and most of all by the sensitivity of the director. I wish you had your base here in Poland…

I am a student of directing in the Theaterical School in Wroclaw and probably you get a lot of such emails saying thank you and you pay no attention to that.

While watching the performance I asked myself (and I often ask myself) what is stronger fiction or reality. I understand that problem. I often think I should have a “normal” “beneficial” job; instead I make theater. The character has understood his fate. I have done it some years ago. The truth is difficult to bear.

I deeply sympathise with the director. If you can please send him my best wishes. This is the most important theatrical experiance in my life. I’ll carry it with me.

I wish I had a chance to have a conversation with such a sensitive person.

yours forever –

Grzegorz Szlanga

P.S. I can only have dreams that one day in my 40.000 people city (Chojnice, Pomerania, 100 km from Gdansk) I’ll have such a masterpiece. On the other hand, I am glad there are such people like you.


February 20, 2012