Anton Chekhov


Director Oskaras Koršunovas

This is a great play to experiment. From the very beginning, it was doomed for explorations. With “The Seagull” we continue exploring the themes also present in “Hamlet” and “The Lower Depths”, those of the contemporary theatre, actor and viewer.

Festival PASSAGES (Metz, France)

May 5 d., 6 d., 6 d.

International Small Scene Theatre Festival (Rijeka, Croatia)

May 9 d.


Bertolt Brecht


Director Oskaras Koršunovas

In the performance, we look deeper. At not only the hypocritical morality and chastity, but also at the degradation of traditions and the absurd deformation of what used to be a sacred part of human existence: weddings, funerals, the sense of the cosmogonic cycle and its celebration.

International Theatre Festival RAINBOW (St. Petersburg, Russia)

June 3 d.

Hamletas 54 photo- D.Matvejev ©

William Shakespeare


Director Oskaras Koršunovas

The Hamlet question seems absurd to us at first. Our existence is so comfortable, and the future seems almost guaranteed. But actually the future is to be found inside each of us, and not in political slogans or commercial advertising.

34th Autumn to Spring Festival (Madrid, Spain)

June 8 d., 9 d., 10 d., 11 d.