Peer gynt nationalteateret thorshov 2012

Where is the creative homeland?

In late August, at the Henrik Ibsen Festival in Norway the director Oskaras Koršunovas presented his production of Peer Gynt”. Critics have called the play “a hit,” described it as “refined, unusually baroque theatre” and believe that it is bound “to leave a mark.” In this interview the director elaborates on this production, the Norwegian culture and his most recent discoveries.

Dugne  14 photo-D.Matvejevas

Lithuanian Theatre Spreads its Wings for Flight in International Theatre Festival “Sirenos”

[…] The mystical limit between reality and fiction is constantly erased. Vibrant energy tears of the masks; the lines of the text become voices and screams, revealing lonely efforts of survival.


A letter from Polish viewer after the performance of “Miranda” in Poznan

Dear director, actors, people involved,

I would like to express my gratitude. Yesterday I saw MIRANDA in the New Theater in Poznan and I am deeply touched by the mastery of the actors and most of all by the sensitivity of the director. I wish you had your base here in Poland…